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World's first solar powered airport

In today's times, the use of renewable energy has become the most vital solution to combat climate change and also reduce our carbon footprint.

Different industries all across the world are embracing these sustainable practices, and the aviation business is no exception.

In this definitive blog, we are going to discuss about the remarkable rise of solar energy in the last few years, especially in the aviation sector, along with why it is the best way to overcome the increasing threat of climate change.

How did Cochin Airport reach the Journey to 100% Solar Power?

With the wise decision of the early adoption of renewable energy, the Cochin International Airport in India has begun the transition to using only solar electricity.

The airport's administration realized the urgency of the situation and actively sought out novel approaches to lessen the airport's negative effects on the environment.

They realized that solar energy may provide a reliable and environmentally friendly power source, so they set out to develop solar energy.