Solar energy the myths the facts

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Solar energy the myths the facts

As a result of rising pollution, there is a greater need for renewable energy sources to minimize the consequences of global warming on our environment. Numerous renewable energy sources are all around us, particularly solar energy, which has the potential to be used all year round.

If we talk about India, the nation has a strong focus on solar energy development, aiming to increase its solar capacity. India also has several large-scale solar power plants and is expected to continue to grow in this sector.

Yet people are still confused about whether to switch to solar energy or continue with the conventional method of electricity generation. And that's why Sanelite Solar is here to help you bust out some myths and facts about solar energy and solar panels to help you understand more about solar energy.

Busting Myths and Facts

Myth #1: Solar is too expensive
Fact: Over the past two decades, the price of solar has decreased significantly, making it more accessible than ever. Lower solar prices and increased utility rates have enhanced payback and return on investment as a result of rising electric rates.

Myth #2: When it's gloomy or cold and snowy, solar panels won't function
Fact: Solar panels may be used in hot, chilly, or even gloomy conditions. Because of the technology used in solar panels, they may operate effectively and efficiently, and in cooler temperatures than in warmer ones, they perform even better. Additionally, solar panels may still function as a viable source of electricity since they can still create adequate power even in overcast conditions. Even on sunny, chilly winter days, power production is equivalent to that of a hot summer day.

Myth #3: Only Homeowners Can Go Solar
Fact: Whether it's a small business owner or a big company with millions of dollars of revenue, everyone is planning a switch to solar energy. There are already some industries that are adopting solar energy. Given its benefits, people all around the world are considering the shift. So it is not only beneficial for homeowners but also business owners and many big companies.

Myth #4: Solar panels require a lot of maintenance
Fact: Because they contain only a few moving parts, solar panels often don't need a lot of maintenance to operate properly. Regular inspections of solar panels are necessary.

Myth #5: Your roof will be damaged by solar panels
Fact: Solar panels are not affixed to roofs directly. They are often mounted and encased in protective coverings. If your roof is suitable for solar, a respectable solar provider like Sanelite Solar will evaluate it and inform you of its condition.

Myth #6: With solar panels, it will be more difficult to sell your property
Fact: Actually, solar panels would raise your home's property value. According to several studies, houses with solar panels sell more quickly than houses without them.

MMyth #7: Solar panels are harmful to the environment
Fact: Solar panels may be recycled after serving their intended purpose for a maximum of 25 years. It all depends on the manufacturer you choose to install your solar panels, however, it might be difficult to determine if they will be recycled because the majority of solar panels are still in good condition. Furthermore, some manufacturers will even recycle them at no cost to you.